John Kasich pizza


John Kasich pizza


Put the cutlery down and walk away from the pizza, John Kasich: Your slice privileges have been officially revoked.



In a scene all too memorable for New Yorkers, the presidential hopeful opted to dine on one of Manhattan’s finest delicacies with a fork and a knife.


The Ohio governor and Republican presidential candidate shirked the traditional hands-only method of pizza consumption while at Gino’s Pizzeria & Restaurant in Queens on Wednesday, cutting into the loaded-up slice with the usually provided but ignored silverware.


While some social media users were busy dissecting Kasich’s opponent Donald Trump‘s Wednesday comments on abortion, others dwelled on the 63-year-old’s more serious culinary offense.


“John Kasich went to New York and ate pizza with a fork and knife. Once the most sane of the GOP candidates, now just as crazy as the rest,” wrote one Twitter user.


In his own defense, Kasich told Good Morning America on Thursday that “The pizza came scalding hot, so I used a little fork.”


Other perpetrators of the fork-and-knife technique have included New York City’s own Mayor Bill De Blasio, who chowed down on a thin-crust pie in 2014 with help from some cutlery.


John Kasich pizza


And, just a few years back, Trump, himself, shirked the fold-and-bite method while at a Times Square pizzeria with Sarah Palin in 2011.


John Kasich pizza


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